mardi 1 novembre 2011

Customers are Unique but Predictable!

- Why do some people drink black coffee and others stick to tea?

- Why do some people turn the volume up and others turn it down?

- Why do some people prefer competitors’ products?

- Why do we sell less in this country?

The easy answer is: “it’s cultural”, or “it’s linked to emotions”, or “customers just buy because it’s a given brand”, or “it’s marketing”, or “customers are irrational”.

We discovered that people’s perception of products and services (via their taste buds, hair cells in the inner ear, rod and cone cells in the eyes, or skin sensors) is linked to their Hormonal Quotient® (HQ).

These exclusive findings are based on measurements and observations made since 2007— on over 2,500 people from more than 25 countries.

For instance, we know that Bob, system administrator, has a very testosterone driven Hormonal Quotient® (HQ). He enjoys clubbing, and cars. He can also spend a night playing poker or chatting. He has a great nightvision and perception of movements- always useful in gaming!- but a poor taste- pizza, whiskey and/or energy drinks are his best friends. Good news is that, as we understand why Bob behaves that way, we can anticipate his reaction to future products and services and develop the right mix.

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